Jordan Toms Ideal Japan Trip Itinerary

  • JAN. 13 -  Arrive at Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) @ 5:05pm
  • Ship your snowboard bag to the Sheraton Hokkaido Hotel at Kiroro Resort from the airport using Yamato Transport CO. (Kiroro Address in both english and Japanese blow and black cat logo below that)
  • Directions to Yamato Transport Co, desk in Haneda Airport, and rates (click images to enlarge):
  • JAN. 13 to JAN. 16 - Explore Tokyo
  • JAN. 16Catch Narita Express train from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport (NRT)
    • Latest train you should catch leaves Tokyo Station at 12:33 and arrives at NRT at 13:27
    • Train costs 1,320 yen (CAD$14) and takes 54 minutes
  • Fly Peach Air flight 585 from NRT to CTS departing at 14:55 and arriving at 16:40pm 
  • Catch Hokkaido Resort Liner Bus number 211 from CTS Domestic Terminal at 17:40 bound for Kiroro Resort. 
    • Go to the Hokkaido Resort Liner Counter that is located on the first floor of the CTS Domestic Terminal at counter # 2.
    • Tell them your name and your confirmation number if needed. 
      • Get off at the the Sheraton Hokkaido Hotel at 20:00
Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 9.39.51 AM.png
  • JAN. 16 to JAN. 21 - Stay 5 nights at Kiroro Resort in a standard room with breakfast included. 
    • Booking reference number: 755760 and under the name Jordan Toms
  • JAN. 21 - Catch a bus from Kiroro to Niseko and the Black Diamond Lodge. (bus details to be determined).
  • JAN. 21 to JAN. 28 - PowerTrip #2 tour with Black Diamond Tours.
    • With single room for 7 nights. Reserved under the name Jordan Toms.
  • JAN. 28 - Catch bus from Niseko to Rusutsu. (The PowerTrip may not end in Niseko, so it is best to discuss with Black Diamond Tours the easiest way to get to Rusutsu at the end of the trip).
  • JAN. 28 to FEB. 6 - Stay at Rusutsu Resort for 9 nights in a standard room in N&S Wing with breakfast included and 6 lift tickets.
    • Booking Reference # 20150916048
  • FEB. 6 - Catch the Big Runs Shuttle Bus #1102 from Rusutsu at 8:30 and arrive at CTS domestic terminal at 10:30 (This shuttle is included in price of Rusutsu booking).
  •  Catch Skymark flight at 13:15 from CTS to HND airport (arrives at 14:55)
Screen shot 2015-10-09 at 1.36.38 PM.png
  • Catch 18:50 flight back to Toronto (YYZ) from HND