Itinerary For Alexander Hay

  • FEB. 4: - Arrive at Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) @ 17:30 
    • If you need to get Japanese Yen, look for the 7-11 owned ATM machines. These are the ATM machines that most regularly accept foreign cards, and generally give the best exchange rate.
7-11 atm


  • The Nagano Snow Shuttle from NRT to Myoko Kogen departs from Terminal 2. After you land,  go to Terminal 2 and find the Nagano Snow Shuttle counter. If you are not already in Terminal 2, then you will need to take a short bus (or train) to Terminal 2. 
Nagano Snow Shuttle location
  • Catch the Nagano Snow Shuttle at 20:30 bound for Myoko Kogen. Reservation # 20323 under the name: Alexander Hay.
  • Your shuttle will arrive in Myoko Kogen at about 1:15 in the morning of Feb. 5th. 
    • You will be dropped off at your hotel, but there may be other passengers who will be dropped off at different hotels first.  
  • Your Hotel is the Akakura Hotel Annex.
  • FEB. 4 - 11: Stay 7 nights in the Akakura Hotel Annex, with breakfast included. Your reservation is under the name: Alexander Hay. 
Akakura Hotel Annex
Akakura Hotel reservation
  • You will need to purchase lift tickets each day for the mountain you wish to ride. It is easiest to just use the ticket window at the mountain bases to purchase your tickets. 
  • You can easily walk to the Akakura Kanko Ski Area and the Akakura Onsen Ski Area. These are separate mountains, but they are connected and you can buy an upgraded lift ticket that is valid at both. 
    • If you want to get into some backcountry terrain, you can go to the highest lift at Akakura Kanko and exit the ski area to the skiers left side. There is a huge amount of terrain in that area, and you should be prepared with avalanche safety gear and avalanche safety knowledge (or a guide). 
    • You can also hike up the old lift line you will see above the highest lift and then traverse skiers left to get farther into the backcountry. 
    • Then, you must catch a high traverse back to the skiers right of this zone and there is a tunnel that leads back to the front side of the mountain and the lifts. DO NOT MISS THIS TUNNEL, or you will be hiking for a long time. 
    • It is best to go back into areas like the one described above with someone who has been there before, and who you trust. 
Akakura Kanko/Onsen
Myoko Tunnel
  • There are easy shuttles to the surrounding ski areas. Seki Onsen is the locals mountain without any crowds and is worth a visit. 
    • The hotel staff can help you get these shuttles. 
Myoko Map


  • FEB. 11: You can ride in the morning and leave Myoko at 14:56 and still make it to the airport for your 22:00 flight. 
  • Ask the hotel for a ride to the Myoko Kogen train station in the morning.
  • Catch the Shinano train back to Nagano and then get a bullet train to either Tokyo Station and then transfer to a train to the airport.
  • The train from Myoko to Nagano is run by a private company, so you will have to purchase a ticket for just this leg of the journey at the Myoko train station and then get another ticket for the next legs in the Nagano train station (In Nagano, just ask to go to the NRT airport at a JR desk).
  • You can also leave a little earlier to be safe, but trains in Japan are very punctual and reliable.
Myoko Kogen to NRT
  • Fly home and tell all your friends how much POW you rode in Japan (Myoko is currently in the midst of an enormous storm!)

-- If you need immidate assistance while in Myoko, please call AMY SHIMIZU at +81(0)90-3158-9005 --

If you are interested in purchasing travel insurance for this trip, have a look at the ski and snowboard specific plan from World Nomads, or click the link below.