Hayden Korte-Moore 


Hayden Korte - Moore is a Whistler, BC based athlete, Model and Influencer.  She has over 53,000 Followers on Instagram and continues to work with the biggest names in Outdoor and Adventure Travel.

Hayden has proven herself in the marketplace of a social Influencer. An example of this is for the 2018 Familiarization Trip for the Tourism Association of Hokkaido. Hayden attended and her posts/images led to positive interest comments and direct bookings.

With a custom plan before our trip we can make sure Hayden uses the correct tags and handles to generate expressed interest comments and a call to action about specific locations and business around Israel.




Jake Cohn


Hailing from British Columbia Canada and Colorado in the United States; Jake has been at the forefront of digital media's rapid growth as both an advertising and storytelling platform specializing in the areas of snow sports, resort marketing and adventure travel.

He is also a professional skier and co-owner of SnowLocals.com





The New York Times, Outside Television, ESPN, Operation Smile, Mizuno, Nike, Monster Energy, and the cities of Rapid City (S.D.), Virginia Beach (Va.) and Tellurideといった様々な企業の仕事を

手掛け、そのストーリー性を持たせた作品創り の手腕を高く評価される一方で、友人達ととも に設立した制作会社Felt Soul Media や Camp4


5Point Film Festivalでの“最も影響力のある一人”

の受賞やThe New York Timesとの仕事で彼が手

にしたいくつかの賞(その年の最優秀フォト、 マルチメディア部門の最優秀APSEなど)が挙げ

られます。更に彼が手掛けた作品は、バンフ・ マウンテンフィルムフェスティバルやテルライ ドのマウンテンフィルムフェスティバルといっ た、アウトドア界の名だたる多くの場において 上映されてきました。 そういった数々の作品は、日本やヨーロッパ各 地、北米、南米など世界中の海と山を舞台に制 作されています。