What does everyone know about Japan? They excel in delicious food and hospitality. 

So, let's go on a trip that integrates skiing and our favorite foods that you can only get in Japan.

Snowlocals Hokkaido food spread

Traveling in Japan is as much about food as it is about anything else. Traveling in a camper van and on a budget will offer dishes as unique and tasty as those on a luxury culinary tour.  

Local restaurants
Snowlocals black ramen spot in Yubari
Food court at Sapporo Snow Festival
Snowlocals Ramen Ally
hand-carved drink ice
Japanese whisky
Sake tasting
Fresh Hokkaido sushi
More ramen alley
Snowlocals ramen spot
Hot pot at Rusutsu resort
Fresh fish at Rusutsu Resort
review with food mention
Hot Pot Snowlocals food trip
Sake Snowlocals