James Warren Japan Itinerary

flight to CTS
  • JAN. 11: Arrive at Hokkaido's New Chitose Airport (CTS) @ 17:20  (Flight NH4729) from Tokyo.
    • If you need to get Japanese Yen, look for the 7-11 owned ATM machines. These are the ATM machines that most regularly accept foreign cards, and generally give the best exchange rate. 
7-11 ATM
  • Find the Hokkaido Resort Liner counter located in the CTS Domestic Terminal (the bus is operated by the Hokkaido Access Network) 
  • You have one seat reserved on the Hokkaido Resort Liner bus from CTS to Niseko. This bus departs from the CTS Domestic Terminal at 19:35 and arrives at the Hotel Kanro-no-mori at 22:50.
    • Show the Confirmation Slip below to check in for your bus trip (click on the image to expand it).
arrival info


  • Get off the bus at the Hotel Kanro-no-mori. The Lodge Moiwa 834 is only a 10 minute walk from the Hotel Kanro-no-mori. 
  • You can ask the Hotel Kanro-no-mori to call you a taxi if you don't want to walk. The Lodge Moiwa 834 address and contact details are below:
Lodge Moiwa Contact and address
  • At the Lodge Moiwa 834 you have a capsule bed reserved under the name: James Warren.
Lodge Moiwa Confirmation James
Lodge Moiwa 834
  • JAN. 11 - 17: Stay 6 nights at the Lodge Moiwa 834 with breakfast and dinner included. 
    • You will need to buy a lift ticket to ski Mt. Moiwa each day, or you can take their shuttle the the Niseko United Resorts.
    • At the Lodge Moiwa 834's front desk you can purchase discounted lift tickets for Mt. Moiwa (about US$35 per day).


  • JAN. 17: You will transfer to Yubari Resort next.  The front desk at the Lodge Moiwa can help you get personalized travel advice for this transfer. It may take about 5 hours to get to Yubari Resort by train and or bus because there is no direct route. There are a few different ways that you can get to Yubari Resort and the Hotel Mt. Racey.

Option 1:  is to get a shuttle from the Lodge Moiwa 834 to the Niseko Train Station. From Niseko, catch a train to Otaru. From Otaru, you can take a train to Sapporo station and then from Sapporo Station take a bus to Yubari Resort. 

  • If you want to see a little bit of Otaru then you can try to leave your bags at the front desk of  a nearby hotel for a few hours and explore Otaru. However, I would recommend getting to Sapporo before 16:00 to give yourself enough time to get to Yubari. 
Train from Otaru to Sapporo and bus from Sapporo to Yubari
  • The schedule for the bus that departs from the Sapporo JR Train Station for Yuabri is below:

Option 2: is to get a shuttle from the Lodge Moiwa 834 to the Niseko Train Station just like in Option 1. From Niseko, catch a train to Otaru. From Otaru,  you can take a train (bound for the CTS airport) to the Minami-Chitose Station and then another train to Yubari Resort. Or, you can take a train to the Sapporo train station first, then to the Minami Chitose Station, and then to Yubari

  • Just one example of the train schedule from Otaru to Yuabri is below:
  • The Yubari train station is quite literally in the parking lot of the Hotel Mt. Racey.
  • And, the bus stop is across the street from the Hotel Mt. Racey.

Option 3: is to pre-book a shuttle from Niseko back to the CTS airport (like the bus you arrived on). From the CTS Airport you can get a direct bus to Yubari Resort.

CTS to Yubari


  • JAN. 17 - 20: Stay 3 nights in the Hotel Mt. Racey with breakfast, dinner, and 2-day lift tickets to Mt. Racey included. The reservation is under the name: James Warren.
Hotel Mt. Racey
  • JAN. 20:  You have all day to get back to downtown Sapporo city (you could still ski in the morning if you want, but check out of your room and store your bags with the luggage storage in the lobby). Ask the front desk at the Hotel Mt. Racey to help with the schedules for busses and trains back to Sapporo.
  • You are going to the Sapporo Park Hotel.
  • Once you arrive at Sapporo Station, your hotel is 3 subway stops away. Take the Namboku subway line towards Makomanai and get off in three stops at the Nakajima Koen Station. This journey takes about 12 minutes and costs 200 yen ($2) per person. 
  • Exit Nakajima Koen Station using Exit number 3 and the Sapporo Park Hotel will be in front of you. 
  • Alternatively, you can take a 10 minute taxi to the Sapporo Park Hotel from Sapporo Station. 
  • Your reservation at the Sapporo Park Hotel is under the name James Warren, and you are in a single room for 3 nights with breakfast included. 
  • JAN. 20 - 23: You can explore Sapporo, or ski the local mountains. Sapporo Teine and Sapporo Kokusai are the closest ski areas and are both about 40 minutes from downtown Sapporo. The ski area websites have access info and links to bus schedules.
    • There are daily busses leaving in the morning from nearby hotels (the Hotel Mystays Premier Sapporo Park) to Teine or a train to Teine Statipon and then a 16 minute bus from there to the ski area.
    • There are busses leaving from the central bus station for Sapporo Kokusai Ski area.
    • Or, you can rent a car for 6 hours from a nearby 24 Times Rental shop.
    • Feel free to email me if you want more info about these mountians.


  • JAN. 23:  You will be taking the train to Morioka Station on your way to APPI Kogen.
    • Go back to Sapporo station using the same subway you arrived with (or a taxi). 
    • At Sapporo Station ask at a JR ticket counter for tickets to Morioka Station on the Shinkansen (bullet train) line. 
    • You will first have to take a regional (slow) train to the southern part of Hokkaido: Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto. 
    • From here, you will take a bullet train to Morioka. The employee at the ticket counter in Sapporo will sell you the fastest and most convenient ticket. This journey will take about 6 hours. (There are trains departing earlier than the example below). 
Sapporo to Morioka
  • From Morioka, take the JR Hanawa to APPI Kogen Station and then free shuttle from train to hotel. 
Hanawa Line to APPI
JR Hanawa Line
JR Hanawa Line to APPI
  • OR take the APPI bus from Morioka station to APPI Grand Hotel
Morioka to APPI
Morioka Train Station
  • Jan. 23 - 26:  Stay 3 nights at the APPI Kogen Hotel (in the APPI Grand Villa 3 building), including breakfast, dinner, and a 2-day lift ticket
APPI reservation

  • JAN. 26:  Check out of APPI.
    • If you want to continue traveling without your ski gear, then you can send your ski bag to the Tokyo Airport that you will depart from (HND I believe). This will cost about $30 and your bag will be waiting for you when you go to the airport to fly home. The APPI front desk can help you with this. 
  • Take APPI bus back to Morioka Station. OR take APPI bus to APPI Kogen train station, and Hanawa line back to Morioka Station.
APPI bus schedule
  • From Morioka you can continue your journey to Tokyo via the bullet train. Again, ask the employee at the ticket counter for a ticket to Tokyo (or wherever you want to go next). 


  • Enjoy the rest of your Japan trip!

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