Margaret & Nate's Japan Itinerary

  • JAN. 5: Arrive at one of Tokyo's two major airports at 9:30pm.
  • If you need to get Japanese Yen, look for the 7-11 owned ATM machines. These are the ATM machines that most regularly accept foreign cards (make sure your pin number is 4 digits), and generally give the best exchange rate. (7-11 also runs a bank in Japan).
  • Take a train from the airport to Tokyo Station.
  • From the middle of Tokyo Station, your hotel is a 7 minute walk. Exit Tokyo Station on the East.
tokyo hotel directions
  • Your hotel is the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi, and you have 1 room with a double bed booked for the night under the name Margaret Forbes. 
  • This is a booking from (confirmation # 142950850949) booking
  • JAN. 6: Make your way to Myoko Kogen. 
  • First go back into Tokyo Station
  • Once in Tokyo Station, you want to board the train to Nagano Station. Follow the signs in the station to the JR Shinkansen lines. The easiest way to buy this ticket is to go into a JR ticket counter in Tokyo Station and say you want to go to Nagano. The JR employee will put you on the next available and fastest train.
JR desk
  • The first train you can catch is at 6:16am and they run frequently throughout the day.
Tokyo to Myoko train
  • You cannot buy a ticket all-the-way to Myoko from Tokyo because a private company runs the train line that goes from Nagano to Myoko. In Nagano, you will have to change trains and purchase new tickets to Myoko. These tickets are 830 yen per person and the train takes 44 mins. 
  • The Akakura Hotel Central will pick you up from the Myoko train station when you arrive. You must call the hotel at the following number to notify them of your arrival time:
  • Use the website to enter your departure and arrival stations (TOKYO to MYOKO-KOGEN), and find an exact departure and arrival time. Then you can call the hotel and arrange for a pick-up in advance. 


  • JAN. 6 - 10:  Stay 4 nights in a combination Japanese & Western Twin room with half-ensuite in the Akakura Central Hotel, and including breakfast. 
    • The reservation is under the name Margaret Forbes. 
central hotel booking
  • Ski any of the ski areas in the Myoko-Kogen region. The connected Akakura Kanko and Akakura Onsen ski areas are within walking distance.
  • JAN. 8: You have a private backcountry guided day in the Myoko backcountry zones. William Ross should contact you regarding any details or schedule changes. 
  • If you need to get in touch with William Ross, his email is:
  • The guide should meet you in the lobby of your hotel at 8:30am. 


  •  JAN. 10: Ask the hotel for a ride to the Myoko Kogen train station in the morning.
  • Catch the Shinano train back to Nagano Station.
  • From the Nagano train station, walk out the East Exit (down to street level), turn left and look for the bus going to Hakuba (bus stop #26). The bus stops are all just outside of the Nagano Train Station's East Exit.
  • This bus takes 50 mins and costs 1,800 yen per person. Pay the driver of the bus for this ticket. 
bus to Hakuba
Bus Nagano to Hakuba
  • Get off the bus at the Hakuba-Happo bus terminal (this is not the last stop). 
  • From the Hakuba Happo bus terminal, your hotel is only a 4-minute walk. You are staying in the Hakuba Springs Hotel.
  • If you would prefer a complimentary ride from the bus terminal to the hotel, then you can  notify the hotel of your arrival time so they can prepare a ride. 
    • The Hakuba Springs Hotel email is:  
  • Or, you can ask the the bus terminal information staff to call the Hakuba Springs Hotel and a ride will be a few minutes away. 
    • The address and phone number is below
  • The check in time begins at 16:00.
bus stop to hakuba springs hotel
  • JAN. 10 - 14: Stay 4 nights in the Hakuba Springs Hotel in a Double Room, including breakfast. The reservation is under the name: Margaret Forbes (reservation number 1280256184). 
Hakuba Springs Hotel address
  • Ski any of the 10 ski areas in the Hakuba Valley. The Happo-One ski area is within walking distance from the Hakuba Springs Hotel, and shuttles to the other areas leave from the Happo Base Center. The Hakuba Springs Hotel front desk can help answer any questions about local transportation
  • JAN. 11: There is an evening pre-tour meeting from 5:00PM on the day before your backcountry tour date at the Evergreen Outdoor Backcountry tour office. Please attend it to meet your guide. *Pick-up/drop-off service is NOT available for the meeting.


  • JAN. 12: The guide can pick you up from your hotel. 

    Please coordinate your morning pick-up time and place with your guide or reservation

    team in advance. We can stop-by the convenience store for lunch supplies if needed. Please have all

    your personal belongings with you for your day in the backcountry. You should be returning to Evergreen

    between 15:30 and 16:00 in the afternoon, we can drop any rental gear off at Evergreen then drop you

    back at your accommodation.


  • JAN. 14: If you are taking the bus to Nagano and then the train to Tokyo:

  • Catch one of the buses departing from the Happo Bus Terminal (where you were dropped off) and going to Nagano Station. There are 10 departure times throughout the day and reservations are not accepted on this bus. To pay, you will purchase a ticket inside the Happo Bus Terminal or pay the bus driver directly. This bus takes 50 mins and will drop you off at the Nagano JR Train Station. The cost is 1,800 yen.
  • From Nagano Station, go inside the JR ticket office (or use an automated ticket machine) to buy ticket on the Shinkansen (bullet train) returning to Tokyo. Below is just one option of a train from Nagano to Tokyo. 
  • From Tokyo Station, you can continue to Kyoto or other destinations in Japan. You can also take the bullet train west from Nagano, depending on where your next destination is.
  • Enjoy the rest of your trip and go home to tell all your friends anout how much powder you skied. 

-- If you need immidate assistance while in Myoko, please call AMY SHIMIZU at +81(0)90-3158-9005 --