Miriam & Sven 2018 Japan Itinerary

  • FEB. 3 - Arrive at Sapporo's New Chitose Airport (CTS) at 13:15
    • If you need to get Japanese Yen, look for the 7-11 owned ATM machines. These are the ATM machines that most regularly accept foreign cards, and generally give the best exchange rate. 
7-11 ATM
  • You are trying to catch the 14:00 bus from the CTS airport to Jozankei Onsen.
    • You pay the bus driver for the ride and the cost is 1,650 yen per person.
  • If you arrive at the International Terminal, then go to bus stop 66 on the 1st floor
  • If you arrive at the Domestic Terminal, then go to bus stop 21 on the 1st floor
  • You will get off the bus at the Jozankei Jiniya Mae stop (#3 on the map below and labeled 'jinja mae'). The Shogetsu Grand Hoel is "E" on the map below.
Jozankei bus stops
  • If your flight is delayed and you cannot make the 14:00 bus, then first ask at an airport information desk if they know of another bus departing CTS for Jozankei Onsen that afternoon. I am unaware of another direct bus to Jozankei from the airport, but there may be one, as companies can add routes often. 
  • If there is no bus from the airport, and you would still like to take public transportation, then you will need to take the train into Sapporo and catch a bus from there. The last bus from Sapporo Station departs at 22:05. Below is a link that can help if you need to catch a bus from Sapporo Station:
  • http://www.jotetsu.co.jp/bus/global/pdf/busguide_01_eng.pdf
  • Another option is always to take a taxi from the CTS airport if you miss the first bus. This would take a little over an hour and cost about US$ 150  - 200
  • When you arrive at the Jozankei Jinja Mae bus stop, the Shogetsu Grand Hotel looks like this:
  • FEB. 3 - 6: You have 3 nights booked at the Shogetsu Grand Hotel under the name: Miriam Bratt
  • From Jozankei, you will ski at the Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort that is 30 minutes away by bus.
    • There is a public bus with 6 departure and return times per day for 630 yen per person. The bus stop for this public bus is the #4 stop (Jozankei Yu No Machi) on the illustrated map above.
    • Or, there is a reserved bus for 1,800 yen per person that must be reserved in advance. (phone number for reservations provided below).
    • They want you to have your skis in a case on this specific bus route, so in order to avoid being left at the Kokusai ski area, bring your skis in a ski bag and you can leave the ski bag in the Kokusai base lodge in a locker (or just on top of the lockers).
  • FEB. 6: Make your way from Jozankei to Rusutsu Resort. This is only a 45 minute journey. 
    • There are 4 busses daily from Jozankei to Rusutsu.
    • The real bus schedule is in Japanese only, so the departure times are below, and the front desk at the Shogetsu Grand Hotel can help direct you to the correct bus stop.


  • FEB. 6 - 10: Four nights at the Westin Rusutsu Tower, including breakfast, dinner, and 3-day lift tickets. The Reservation is under the name Miriam Bratt.
Westin Confirmation
Rusutsu Westin Tower
  • FEB. 10 - 14: Stay 4 nights in the Hotel Naturwald in Furano. The Reservation is under the name Miriam Bratt.
Furano Booking
  • FEB. 14: Make your way to Asahidake. You can take a train to Asahikawa Station first, or you can take a bus from your hotel to the Asahikawa Airport.


  • By Train:
    • The Furano train station is 10 mins from your hotel by public bus or taxi. 

Furano Train Station directions
  • Take a train to Asahikawa
  • From Asahikawa take a bus to Asahidake Onsen. There are 4 bus times per day, and the cost is 1,430 yen per person. Pay on the bus.
bus from Asahikawa to asahidake
Bus price to asahidake
  • The bus will arrive at the Asahidake Ropeway (the ski area). You are staying at the Bear Monte Hotel, which is a 2 minute walk from the Ropeway. 
Bear Monte Hotel Map
Hotel Bear Monte
  • FEB. 14 - 17: Stay 3 nights at the Bear Monte Hotel, with breakfast and dinner included. This is a Hotels.com booking under the name: Miriam Bratt.
Booking bear monte
  • You will need to buy tickets for the Ropeway (tram) inside the base station (2nd floor) each day. 


  • FEB. 17: Check out of the Hotel Bear Monte. You will be asked to pay a ¥973 (US$ 9) onsen tax at checkout because this was booked through a booking website. 
  • You will then need to take a bus back to Asahikawa and then a train to the CTS Airport. 
  • Here is the bus schedule back to Asahikawa:
Bus Asahidake to Asahikawa
  • From Asahikawa you can take a train to Sapporo, and then the train to CTS Airport:
    •  train departs the Asahikawa station every half hour bound for Sapporo
Asahikawa to CTS
  • At the CTS airport, find the Air Terminal Hotel in the Domestic Terminal. The hotel entrance is to the right of the Skymark (SKY) 2nd floor departure gate. 
  • FEB. 17 - 18: Stay one night at the Air Terminal Hotel in the CTS Domestic Terminal. The reservation is under the name Miriam Bratt.
Air Terminal Hotel
  • FEB. 18: Fly home after another successful JaPOW adventure!

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