Ian & Jourdann: Hokkaido POW Adventure

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Ian & Jourdann: Hokkaido POW Adventure

  • Jan. 25 - 28 at Rusutsu Resort

  • Jan. 28 - 29 in downtown Sapporo

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Price includes: 

  • Jan. 25 - 28 (3 nights) in a western style twin room in Rusutsu Resort's North & South Wing Hotel, including breakfast

  • Jan. 28 - 29 (1 night) in a western style twin room in the Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo in downtown Sapporo, including breakfast

  • Bus transfer from the CTS airport to Rusutsu, and bus transfer from Rusutsu to Downtown Sapporo. 

*does not include transfer from Sapporo back to the CTS airport