Japanorama 3.0 - Honshu Edition

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Japanorama 3.0 - Honshu Edition

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  • Jan. 28 - Feb. 3: Slopeside Chalet in Hakuba
  • Feb. 3 - 6: Ryokan Sakaya in Nozawa Onsen
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Price includes: 

  • Jan. 28: we will all meet in Tokyo and take a bullet train to Nagano (1.5 hours), and then drive to Hakuba (1 hour).
  • Jan. 28 - Feb. 3: We spend 6 nights in a ski in ski out Hakuba Slopeside Chalet. We buy some breakfast supplies to cook each morning. Includes 5-day Hakuba Valley lift tickets that let us ski at 10 ski areas, and includes the use of a van.
  • Feb. 3: we drive from Hakuba to Nozawa Onsen (2 hours). Maybe car, maybe bus.
  • Feb. 3 - 6: We spend 3 nights at the super Japanese Ryokan Sakaya with breakfast included and we ski Nozawa Onsen ski area. 
  • Feb. 6: This itinerary ends and we are in Nozawa. We can decide what to do next. 
  • Includes transportation, gas, tolls, lift tickets, lodging, breakfasts and George.