Miriam & Svennis Explore Japan 2017

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Miriam & Svennis Explore Japan 2017

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-Feb. 2-5 Nozawa Onsen Ryokan Sakaya

-Feb. 5-9 Myoko Kogen Akakura Hotel

-Feb. 10-13 Yubari Resort Hotel Mt. Racey

-Feb. 13-16 Asahidake Hotel Bear Monte

-Feb. 16-20 Westin Rusutsu Tower at Rusutsu Resort

-Feb. 20-21 Air Terminal Hotel

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Price includes: 

  • Feb. 2-5 (3 nights) in the Ryokan Sakaya in Nozawa Onsen in a Japanese standard room including breakfast.
  • Feb. 5-9 (4 nights) in the Akakura Hotel Annex in a Japanese/western combination room including breakfast. 
  • Feb. 10-13 (3 nights) in a standard room at Hotel Mt. Racey in Yubari including breakfast, dinner,  and 2-day lift tickets.
  • Feb. 13-16 (3 nights) at the Hotel Bear Monte in Asahidake including breakfast and dinner.
  • Feb. 16-20 (4 nights) at the Westin Rusutsu Tower including breakfast, dinner, and 3-day lift tickets.
  • Feb. 20 - Two seats on the Big Runs Shuttle from the Westin to CTS airport at 17:20
  • Feb. 20-21 (1 night) at the Air Terminal Hotel at the CTS airport