Prospero's Japan Itinerary

  • Dec. 24 - Arrive at Tokyo's Narita Airport (NRT) at 7:10am in Terminal 2. 
Flight info
  • If you need to get Japanese Yen, look for the 7-11 owned ATM machines. These are the ATM machines that most regularly accept foreign cards (make sure your pin number is 4 digits), and generally give the best exchange rate. (7-11 also runs a bank in Japan).
7-11 ATM
  • You must first take the Narita Express Train to Tokyo station. The train leaves from downstairs. This train takes 53 minutes to get to Tokyo Station. 
    • This train is also included on a JR Rail Pass, so you can activate your Rail Pass and reserve seats at a JR ticket office or service center in the airport. At this JR office in the Narita airport you can also tell them that you want to go all the way to Iiyama station and they can print you out tickets for the bullet train you will transfer to at Tokyo Station. 
Narita Express Timetable
NRT Terminal 1 map
  • Once in Tokyo Station, you want to board the next train to Iiyama Station. Follow the signs in the station to the JR Shinkansen lines. The easiest way to buy this ticket, if you have not already at the Narita Airport, is to go into a JR ticket counter in Tokyo Station and say you want to go to Iiyama. The JR employee will put you on the next available and fastest train.
JR ticket counter
Tokyo - Iiyama
  • When you arrive at Iiyama Station then head downstairs to the main exit (where the escalators are), and look for the Nozawa Onsen Liner bus. Last winter, this bus stop was outside and to the left at platform #4 (might be a different platform this winter). This last shuttle to Nozawa Onsen leaves Iiyama station at 9:15pm so you will have plenty of time.
  • You will take the Nozawa Onsen Liner until the last stop at the Chuo Terminal in the center of Nozawa Onsen.
Main exit escalators
Bus platform info
Getting to Nozawa Onsen
  • If you prefer to take a taxi from the Iiyama train station to Nozawa Onsen, the taxi journey is 25 mins. There is a tourism office in the Iiyama train station and they can help answer any questions you have.
  • Your accommodation in Nozawa Onsen is the Ryokan Sakaya. Below is the address in Japanese in case you need to show a taxi driver.
Ryokan Sakaya front
  • If you are on the bus from Iiyama Station, then get off at the last stop in Nozawa Onsen (Chuo Terminal) and walk to the Rokan Sakaya
  • Dec. 24 - 29: Stay at the Ryokan Sakaya in 2 Japanese Deluxe rooms and one Japanese Twin room, including breakfast. Your reservation is under the name Prospero Bailey
Sakaya Reservation
  • Dec. 29: Make your way back to the Iiyama train station to continue your Japan trip in Tokyo/Kyoto.
    • To get to the Iiyama train station catch a bus from the Nozawa Onsen Bus Terminal (Chuo Terminal) back to Iiyama Station. There are numerous busses per day and it should cost 600 yen per person. You will pay the bus driver. 
Leaving Nozawa Onsen
  • From Iiyama Station you can catch the next Shinkansen (bullet train) towards Tokyo. An employee at the ticket office in the train station can help you with your exact connections, or the staff at the Ryokan Sakaya can better help you arrange your departure times in advance. 
  • Enjoy the rest of your time in Japan. 

Brian's Private Ski Instructor:

  • Dec. 25 - 28:  You have a private ski instructor reserved for your family of 4. The reservation is made under the name Brian Menell.
    • This instructor is booked for the full day (9:00 - 15:30) and lift tickets are not included in the price of the ski instructor. 
    • You will meet the instructor at the Hikage Information Center that is at the bottom of the Hikage slope at 9:00 on Dec. 25th. 
    • You are looking for the Nozawa Onsen Ski School (contact info and directions below). 
    • On Google Maps, it says the walk to the ski school is 20 minutes, but this does not show a covered moving walkway called the "Yu Road" that only operates in the winter and cuts the time in half. 
    • You can purchase lift tickets at the Higake ticket office when you check in on your first day. 
  • Enjoy your trip!

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