camper van between huge snowdrifts in Japan from the driver seat.
  • If you want to experience more of Japan or if you want to be able to chase the storms, then rent a camper van.

  • Japan Campers is the company and Snowlocals can set you up with one of their camper vans.

  • In a camper van you will see the real countryside of Japan and be able to reach resorts or backcountry zones far beyond what most other skiing foreigners will ever see.

  • Each van is fitted with heaters, so winter camping is comfortable. Each van also has an iPad so you are connected to the Mother Ship, have GPS navigation, and have internet via a hot-spot.

  • Japan is perfect for camper vans; you can sleep anywhere and their convenience store game is on another level. 7-11 shops will be your staple, but this isn't what you think. A 7-11 in Japan offers some pretty good food. See for yourself.

  • Pick up an International Driving Permit for $15 before you depart.

  • You can pick up your van only a 30 min train form NRT.


If it isn't snowing where you are in Japan, it is certainly snowing nearby. Don't get stuck waiting on weather, go find the snow.  


What do we know about Japan? It snows more that anywhere else. It is safe and everyone obeys the rules. It is fairly developed and easy to navigate. Public land is free to park and camp on. Your next shower is only as far away as the next onsen. It has much more to offer than first meets the eye. This sounds like the perfect place to travel by camper van and chase the storms. 

Japan Campers has found a niche market by renting camper vans to the more adventurous powder-seekers. The vans are set up inside to transform into a bed, office, or human transportation vehicle. They sleep 1-7 comfortably depending on the vehicle size you want. The camper van isn't a full RV and this is the best part because they are easy to drive and fit well in the miniaturized country of Japan. The van is fitted with ski racks in the winter and has an aftermarket heater that can cheaply run all night. There is an iPad in the van that offers internet, gps, and free contact with Japan Campers in case you have any questions. The iPad allows you to customize you Japan trip to maximize whatever it is that you are looking for most. 

Get your fill of culture and adventure in a camper van and a return with a greater understanding of the country, people, and resorts.