The sprawling Prince Hotel at Naeba

Deep pow, no lift lines, excellent grooming and the Japanese culture make it an unforgettable ski vacation.

Japan’s powder skiing is unmatched, but it has only just begun to be tapped. This means that most people hoping to experience a ski vacation in Japan have little information about where to go, what to ski, and how to get it done.

SnowLocals is here to answer these questions and provide you with the Ultimate skiing experience in Japan. Doesn’t matter if you’re beginner or expert, Japan has something for you.


The Prince Hotel Naeba is Huge. The hotel, the ski area, and the amount of snow they RECEIVE... all huge. THe strange thing is that it is almost empty. 

“A gondola named the 'dragondola' exists here, once the longest gondola on earth. this sums up Naeba.”

This is a resort built for the incredible ski boom in Japan during the 1980s-1990's. It is an easy drive from Tokyo and business must have been good. Skiing in Japan nearly ceased all together since then, but now that foreign powder-seekers are leading the revival of skiing and snowboarding in Japan, Naeba will soon be back on the map. 

See what this sleeping giant has to offer before it is back at capacity. Here, you are still close to Tokyo and even closer to many more resorts in Niigata, Gunma, and Nagano prefectures. This resort will have you in awe and the powder will be all yours to shred.

Naeba Prince Hotel is one of those places that you can't pass by if you are in the area. You have to stay and ski just to say you did.