Andy & Carolyn Ripps Itinerary

  • JAN. 28: Make your way to Nozawa Onsen from Tokyo.
  • From Tokyo Station, you want to board the train to Iiyama Station. Follow the signs in the station to the JR Shinkansen lines. The easiest way to buy this ticket is to go into a JR ticket counter in Tokyo Station and say you want to go to Iiyama. The JR employee will put you on the next available and fastest train.
  • When you arrive at Iiyama Station then head downstairs to the main exit (where the escalators are), and look for the Nozawa Onsen Liner bus. Last winter, this bus stop was outside and to the left at platform #4 (might be a different platform this winter). This last shuttle to Nozawa Onsen leaves Iiyama station at 9:15pm so you will have plenty of time.
  • You will take the Nozawa Onsen Liner until the last stop at the Chuo Terminal in the center of Nozawa Onsen.
  • Your accommodation in Nozawa Onsen is the Ryokan Kawahiro.  This booking was not made by SnowLocals.

FEB. 1: Transfer to Myoko:

  • Make your way back to the Iiyama train station to continue to Myoko.
  • To get to the Iiyama train station catch a bus from the Nozawa Onsen Bus Terminal (Chuo Terminal) back to Iiyama Station. There are numerous busses per day and it should cost 600 yen per person. You will pay the bus driver. 
bus to iiyama
  • Catch a bullet train from Iiyama to Nagano.
iiyama to Nagano
  • You cannot buy a ticket all-the-way to Myoko from Iiyama because a private company runs the train line that goes from Nagano to Myoko. In Nagano, you will have to change trains and purchase new tickets to Myoko. These tickets are 830 yen per person and the train takes 44 mins. 
Train to myoko
  • The Kougakuro hotel will pick you up from the Myoko train station when you arrive. You must call the hotel at the following number to notify them of your arrival time:
    • +81(0)255-87-2036
phone number


  • FEB. 1 - 5:  Stay 4 nights in a Japanese stye room with half-ensuite in the Kougakuro Hotel, and including breakfast. 
    • The reservation is under the name Carolyn Ripps. 
myoko ripps booking
myoko booking
  • Ski any of the ski areas in the Myoko-Kogen region. The connected Akakura Kanko and Akakura Onsen ski areas are within walking distance.
  • FEB. 5: Ask the hotel for a ride to the Myoko Kogen train station in the morning.
    • Catch the Shinano train back to Nagano and then get a bullet train to either Tokyo Station or Ueno Station (the route through Ueno Station is shown below). 
    • From Tokyo or Ueno Station you will have to transfer to the Narita Express or Skyliner train bound for NRT airport.
    • Below is just one example of a train schedule from Myoko to NRT 
  • Go home and tell all your friends how much POW you shredded!

-- If you need immidate assistance while in Myoko, please call AMY SHIMIZU at +81(0)90-3158-9005 --