Getting to Hakuba for the Ski + Yoga Retreat

*Please notify Natalie of your arrival time and method so we can collect you at the correct time and place*

**It is your responsibility to get from the airport to Hakuba. Read about the transportation options below and choose the best one for you**

***Ask us any questions you have***

  • Arrive in one of Tokyo's 2 main airports Narita (NRT) or Haneda (HND).

  • If you need to get Japanese Yen, look for the 7-11 owned ATM machines. These are the ATM machines that most regularly accept foreign cards, and generally give the best exchange rate (make sure you have a 4-digit PIN number. Change your PIN in advance if you do not).

  • You can also purchse SIM cards for your phone in the arrivals hall of the airport. The house in Hakuba has free, fast, reliable internet.




If you arrive at Narita Airport (NRT) before 6:00pm...

  • You must first take the Narita Express Train to Tokyo station. The train leaves from downstairs and costs US$29 per person (3,020 Yen). This train takes 53 minutes to get to Tokyo Station, and departs NRT roughly every 30 minutes.

  • You can buy tickets from JR (Japan Rail) Travel Service center that is in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2/3. And there are usually JR employees selling tickets at the train platform. Don't worry about being ripped off, the Japanese will never try to charge you more than the true cost.

  • At the JR Travel Service Center you can also purchase your ticket for the Shinkansen (bullet train) line from Tokyo to Nagano. You can purchase a ticket without a reserved seat, with a reserved seat, or in a first class cabin (Green Car).

    • Locations of the JR Travel Service Centers int he Narita airport are illustrated below.

    • Click on the Narita Express timetables below to expand.

  • Get off the Narita Express train at Tokyo Station (the train will continue after Tokyo Station). From Tokyo Station, you want to transfer a Shinkansen (bullet train) bound for Nagano Station. Follow the signs in the station to the JR Shinkansen lines.

  • If you also purchased this ticket at the Narita airport, then you will already know the train/track to look for and the time of departure.

  • If you did not purchase this ticket in the Narita airport, then you can buy this ticket in a JR ticket counter in Tokyo Station. Just say you want to go to Nagano, and you can choose the class of seat you want. The JR employee will put you on the next available and fastest train.

    • There are trains leaving often throughout the day.

  • The exact track you are on will change depending on the exact Shinkansen train you are taking, but they will all be from the Shinkansen part of the JR Station. You can follow the signs to all of the Shinkansen tracks and then ask any attentdant if you need help finfing the exact track.

JR desk



If you arrive at Haneda Airport (HND)...

  • Fron the International Terminal, first take a monorail to HAMAMATSUCHO station, then change to a local train for Tokyo Station. These trains to Tokyo Station cost about $5.

  • From From Tokyo Station, you want to transfer a Shinkansen (bullet train) bound for Nagano Station just as you would if you were coming from Narita (NRT). Follow the signs in the station to the JR Shinkansen lines.

From Nagano Train Station:

  • From the Nagano train station, walk out the East Exit (down to street level), turn left and look for the bus going to Hakuba (bus stop #26). The bus stops are all just outside of the Nagano Train Station's East Exit.

  • This bus takes 50 mins and costs 1,800 yen per person ($16). Pay the driver of the bus for this ticket.

  • Your destination is Tsugaike-Kogen! Not all of the buses will go this far, so if you are on a bus that only goes to the Hakuba-Happo bus terminal, please notify us by email: and we can arrangfe a pick-up for you at the Hakuba-Happo bus terminal.

  • If you can get on a bus that goes as far as Tsugaike-Kogen, then get off here and we can pick you up from the bus stop.

  • The house you are in is a short distance from the bus stop (less than 8 minutes by foot).

tsugaike bus stop


If you arrive at the airport after 6:00pm...

  • After clearing customs and getting your bags, it will be difficult to make the last bus from Nagano Station at 10:00pm.

  • In this case, there is a direct shuttle bus from the NRT airport to Hakuba that leaves the terminal at 8:30pm and arrives after midnight.

  • There are direct shuttles departing the NRT terminal 4 times daily. Please contact Natalie ( if you wish/need to take this shuttle.

    • Seats are limited and reservations must be made in advance.



  • If you take the train from NRT to Tokyo and then the bullet train to Nagano, and then the bus to Hakuba, the total coast is US$ 117.

  • If you take the monorail/train from HND to Tokyo and then the bus to Hakuba, the total cost is US$ 92.

  • If you take the direct shuttle from NRT to Hakuba, the total cost is US$ 110.


We highly recommend having travel insurance for this trip. Snowlocals is not responsible for delayed, missed, cancelled, botched travel plans and we cannot reimburse any travel-related costs.

If you do not have travel insurance yet and are interested in purchasing travel insurance, have a look at the ski and snowboard specific plan from World Nomads