Travel before you die.

Don't let the bluntness of this statement get you down, but instead, act on that lingering thought to drop it all and go travel. 

It can be daunting, so I want to help you decide the destination, organize your trip, and send you of with the confidence to see some of the world. 

The are too many places out there to see in just one lifetime. I have only scratched the surface of global travel. However I have found myself in many places and many situations around the world that can all be applied to a better understanding of one thing: travel. 

I have backpacked, camped, hosteled, and experienced some luxury travel. I have traveled alone, as a couple, with friends, and with family. I have made plans and I have just winged it. 

Whatever trip you have in mind, I can offer something to help. Whether it is just the name of a restaurant in Sapporo or a full itinerary around Europe, let me make your trip easier. 

open road
Iceland Waterfall
Berlin Templehof