EPISODE 3:  yubari life

Life in Yubari has seen some changes over the past twenty years. The Yubari region was once Japan’s coal mining capital but has since seen a staggering population exodus as the coal industry disappeared in the 1980's. What remains attached to the dwindling town today is the Mount Racy ski resort and friendly locals who are hoping for a comeback rooted in tourism rather than tunneling. 

Episode three of the Yubari video series shows you more of this town's soul. On the surface, there is light powder, Japanese hospitality, great food and the world's best mascot. However, it is the locals who make a visit to Yubari special. These are the friendliest people in the world and they all help make a trip to their part of the island unforgettable. Here is a glimpse of some other crucial pieces of the Yubari experience. 

Mount Racey and the town of Yubari is one of Japan’s best-kept secrets that shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Hokkaido. 

Don't judge a town by its property values or population growth, because there's more life in Yubari than most places we've ever been.



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