Hakuba at a glance:

  • Hakuba is a valley in the Nagano prefecture with multiple small districts and 10 ski resorts. Hakuba is Japan's ski town.
  • Hakuba is a 4-hour drive from Tokyo. Most people get to Hakuba by shuttle bus from the Tokyo Airports or by a combination of train and bus from Tokyo.
  • The Snow Shuttle will pick you up at the airport and deliver you to your door in Hakuba. The Snow Shuttle takes about 6 hours and you will arrive at your accommodation well after midnight, but it is easy.
  • The bullet train gets you as far as Nagano, the closest city to Hakuba. From Nagano it is an hour bus ride to Hakuba's main station. 
  • Hakuba Valley's districts include Happo, Wadano, Eco Land, Limori, and many more. Figure out what mountain you want to be closest to or what kind of off-hill activities interest you to decide where to stay. Lodging closets to the lifts is obviously more expensive than lodging out in the sticks. 
  • Hakuba offers the most variety in lodging styles and prices, from hostles to fancy hotels. You can find a place here that suites your needs for a week or a season. 
  • Technically, the Otari village (farther north within the valley) is separate from the Hakuba Valley, but an all-inclusive Hakuba Valley ski pass includes mountains in and beyond Otari such as Hakuba Cortina. If you are staying in Hakuba you should ski Cortina at least once. 
View of Japanese Alps form onsen across Hakuba Valley

Hakuba is a place you could spend multiple seasons and only begin to know the secret spots, best runs, and classic tours .  

“Hakuba is Japan's big Mountain ski town. ”

The Hakuba Valley includes 6 large ski resorts and a spacious town filled with ski lodges, hostels, and hotels. There is something for everyone here, whether it's your lodging preference or skiing ability, Hakuba can accommodate you.

The town of Hakuba understands that they are a growing destination for powder-seekers, and so do the resorts in the area. This place can deliver through all the phases of winter, heavy snow in December, deep side-country and occasional bluebird tours in January and February. Then big spring backcountry lines through May. 

Make Hakuba the place you return to every season for your steep terrain and ski town cravings.