skier Jake  gets faceshot at Kiroro

kiroro at a glance:

  • Kiroro is on the Island of Hokkaido, Japan's north island.
  • Sapporo is the major city on Hokkaido & this is the easiest place to fly into if going to Kiroro.
  • The main Sapporo airport is south of the city in the town of Chitose. It is the New Chitose Airport (CTS).
  • Kiroro Resort is 60 minutes from downtown Sapporo and 90 minutes form Chitose. 
  • Kiroro is far enough from any town or city center that you are wise to stick around the Resort during your stay. 
  • Kiroro is another "all inclusive" style resort meaning you have Powder, food, drinks, onsen (Japanese hot bath), convenience store and some entertainment all between 2 large hotel buildings.
  • At Kiroro you can stay in the newer Hotel Piano that is a 5 minute shuttle to the lifts, or you can stay at the base of the mountain in the Mountain Hotel.
  • Kiroro gets lots of snow. It is not super large or very steep at first glance, but steep pitches exist inbounds and the main attraction is the amazing and embraced backcountry skiing. 
  • Bring your touring gear, rent some snowshoes, or search out your favorite powdery nook inbounds between the 8 lifts and one gondola.   


Kiroro Resort is leading the way for Japan's transition into a powder-skier's heaven. The backcountry options are plentiful and the resort will even help you get out there. No wonder every major film crew in north america spent time here last winter.

“They never really thought it was a big deal, but Kiroro gets more snow than the big japanese resorts you have all heard of.”

Hokkaido is where the accounts of endless and perfect Japanese powder come from. Sapporo is the Japanese city that you want to spend your "city" days in, and a short drive outside of Sapporo is Kiroro. All I can say is you will be choking on powder here. 

With backcountry zones named "AK" and "Narnia" you can be confident you will find what you are looking for. Once again, it is a resort on the verge of being discovered by too many foreign skiers. Get there while it is still the same place that "forgets" to report that 500cm of snow fell that year.  

Kiroro hosts a Powder Ride Championship and only closes the venue for one day prior to the event. That is how confident they are that it will snow at Kiroro.