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Solo travel is on the rise globally, but Japan is still the ideal place to leave your comfort zone and create your own unique experiences. 

Here are 5 reasons why Japan is the place for your next solo adventure and 5 reasons why SnowLocals should help you plan this adventure:


1. The  snow. 

It's why you are here after all.

You have heard that the snow in Japan is legendary. Annual snow totals consistently rank amongst the highest in the world and certainly the highest of any place with ski area infrastructure. The actual snow is light, dry and simply the best quality as well. Without getting to scientific, you have the frigid Siberian winds and the Sea of Japan to thank for the dream-like powder quality. 

We don't visit Japan to analyze the moisture content of the snow and report back to Bill Nye. We visit to ride that snow, shred that pow, and then do it again the following day. Everyone is happy on a powder day and Japan just has the most powder days in the world each season. This means that you are guaranteed to make some fast friends on the lift and in the lodge while you all lap your dream lines. 

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2. Hospitality is a pillar of the Japanese culture. 

Omotenashi is  a word that can sum up Japanese hospitality. “Omote” means public face – an image you wish to present to outsiders. “Nashi” means nothing. Combined, Omotenashi  ensures that every service is from the bottom of the heart – honest, no hiding, no pretending.

Simply put, the Japanese believe in serving a customer wholeheartedly. 

This is an eloquent way of saying that no matter what price you pay for an accommodation, meal, or service in Japan you can be absolutely sure that you will receive the best that that is on offer. 

The cheapest of accommodations are still always spotless and comfortable, while even a pre-packaged meal at a convenience store was prepared from fresh ingredients and with care. 

For your trip, this means that you are in good hands while you travel in Japan. Let us take care of the itinerary, but let the locals ensure your comfort.  


3. Nowhere is safer than Japan.

There are of course stats to support this claim, but usually stats are boring.

There is one figure we like, however: In 2016 the Tokyo Police reported that 3.67 billion Yen (US$ 42 million) in CASH was found by citizens and turned into the police. Then, astonishingly, three fourths of this cash was returned to the rightful owner who had lost, dropped, or forgotten it. 

My brother once left his wallet in the Sapporo airport and I picked it up at the customer service desk 2 weeks later, everything accounted for. 

I have been held back from boarding a train because I had overpaid slightly for the ticket, and forgotten change at a cafe is often delivered to a customers hotel room in a snowstorm by a thoughtful employee. 

This is all good news for your loose change, but it also points to the incredibly assuring honesty of the Japanese. Things simply don't get stolen and people simply aren't harassed while traveling in Japan.  Even if you board the wrong train to the completely wrong part of town, you will be met with a friendly smile and a willingness to help you get back on track. 

All good things for a solo traveler. 

Secret onsens all alone

4. Those who have gone before you.

You are not alone. Others have returned from their solo Japan trip with a bag full of wonderful experiences and usually with plans to go again. 

Take it from our previous customers who traveled to Japan on their own:

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5. Travel is easy and efficient.

In 2017 a Japanese train company issued a public apology after one of their scheduled trains departed 25 second early.

The company called the mistake "truly inexcusable" even though the next train to the same destination was only 6 minutes later. 

Even including delays due to uncontrollable causes such as natural disasters, the average delay of a train in Japan is under a minute. 

So rest assured that your travel within Japan will be easier and more comfortable than anywhere else in the world. 

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